The Evidence

The research on ketamine for mental health is rapidly expanding and evolving. Everyone is talking about it! Included here are a mix of scientific studies, articles, and videos from the popular media, and professional articles. We try to keep this page fresh! This is just a sample of what is out there about ketamine, it is important to do your own research. We are happy to discuss any information you bring to us about ketamine and answer your questions.

The name “Bloom” is inspired by the results of research done by Yale and the National Institute of Health that say ketamine causes a burst of new connections to form between nerve cells in parts of the brain involved in emotion and mood. This process is called synaptogenesis.

This “before and after” image of the nerve endings of a rat brain used in the study shows the research results. This image is the inspiration for the name Bloom. The study’s results were the inspiration for offering ketamine to Winona and surrounding communities.

Ketamine is a chance to push the reset button on your mental health and participate more fully in the actions we can all take to feel better and grow.

Popular Media Articles

Local Photographer Discusses Mental Health in Current Exhibit – Winona Post 2020

Prying open the Third Eye – Boulder news 2017 article

New Nasal Ketamine; What’s Different from IV Ketamine? – The Verge 2019 article

Ketamine appears to restore brain connections – NPR 2012 article

Can Ketamine treat depression? – The Doctors 2019 Video

Experience Ketamine – Tonic 2017 video – (please watch this in its entirety)

Booze, Obesity and Depression in Winona County – Winona Post 2019 article

Is Ketamine the New Wonder Drug?

Professional Articles
Dissociation during Ketamine infusion- does it matter? – Lori Calabrese, MD 2018

Ketamine; Features of dissociation Study – Journal of Affective Disorders 2018

Ketamine treats Major Depression: Harvard Health Journal 2019 article

Ketamine offers hope to Vets with depression: Psychology Today 2019 article

Ketamine raises neuroplasticity in the nervous system – Scientific American 2019

Listening to Ketamine (a very comprehensive article) – Knowable magazine 2019

Ketamine: A Promising Novel Therapy for Anxiety and PTSD

Researchers pinpoint brain circuitry underlying dissociative experiences | News Center

Scientists Discover How Drugs Like Ketamine Induce An Altered State Of Mind : Shots – Health News

Scientific Research

Presentation of Research at Yale – Yale Univ 2012 Video

Ketamine; Features of dissociation Study – Journal of Affective Disorders 2018

Ketamine for Depression: Where Do We Go from Here? (Biological Psychiatry)

Dissociative and Analgesic Properties of Ketamine Are Independent | Anesthesiology (Nov. 2020)

Remission from Chronic Anorexia Nervosa With Ketogenic Diet and Ketamine: Case Report

The effects of ketamine on suicidality across various formulations and study settings

Titrated Serial Ketamine Infusions Stop Outpatient Suicidality and Avert ER Visits and Hospitalizations — PDF download

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