The Experience

Ketamine treatment is an outpatient experience in a private treatment room that promotes a climate of support, relaxation, and safety. The environment facilitates self-reflection and introspection.

How will I feel during the infusion?

The IV infusion is weight-based at low to moderate doses, over 40 minutes. The first 7 minutes are typically uneventful with no noticeable effects, however shortly thereafter, people tend to notice some blurring of vision, a feeling of “lightness”, “floating”, or intoxication, and sometimes some numbness in the toes or area around the mouth. Over the course of the next 30 minute period, these feelings tend to build, so that the medicine is at the peak of its intensity at the very end.

Ketamine can help catalyze experiences that are transcendental, spiritual, and ineffable. Other common feelings include euphoria, talkativeness, a feeling of being “disconnected” or in a dream, heightened perceptions (background noise may seem louder, colors, or lights are more intense). There is evidence that supports the experience of leaving your body (dissociation) is associated with a longer, more robust remission. These experiences are known as “Non Ordinary States of Consciousness”, and have common themes- euphoria, feeling you have left your body, intense feelings of empathy and compassion, a feeling of connection. Less commonly, people may experience nausea. These feelings start to subside approximately 10-15 minutes after the infusion is complete and last for a total of 45-50 minutes. Most people can expect to be with us for about 90 minutes total, with no side effects beyond your release from our care and none between treatments. Most adverse effects can easily be treated by adjusting the rate of your infusion or with other medications to make your infusion experience pleasant and calming.

Relaxing or inspiring music is highly recommended and can affect the quality of your infusion! We have music options available that work well. As you get deeper into the infusion process it may be difficult to carry on a conversation with those around you, so we encourage you to focus on getting comfortable, relax and pay attention to what you are feeling.

Treatment intensities vary and are managed according to your relief of symptoms. Ketamine is not a CURE, but it is a stepping stone to transformation. Once you are feeling better, it will be easier for you to make healthy lifestyle changes and participate in positive health practices, creating a ripple effect for long term success. Many clients have benefited significantly from these treatments experiencing almost immediate relief while others may respond less intensely. Please keep in mind that the most permanent, effective, and efficient way to heal is to approach health challenges from all angles, including maintaining a relationship with your primary provider/therapist, and other support systems.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

It is important to work through life experiences, feelings and emotions, and memories that can emerge during ketamine infusions. Bloom is collaborating with regional Minnesota therapists specializing in Trauma work, Somatic Experiencing, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), and Integration work. These are specialized therapeutic modalities that work well with the ketamine experience. We can arrange these services if you are interested in this level of work. We can work with your current therapist as well.

As the mind is open to new possibilities during ketamine infusion, this is the “golden opportunity” to work on fixed thought patterns that keep us stuck. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) can help you make the most of your ketamine treatment.

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