Ketamine Treatment Options

Scheduling Your Treatments

Research supports receiving your initial series of 6 infusions within a 14-day timeframe. At Bloom, we will accommodate your schedule in making that happen. Our hours are by appointment only during the week, evenings, weekends, whatever works for you. We will schedule all appointments on your first day here in the office.

For out-of-towners, there is The Weekend Plan. We offer to fit your infusions in over the course of three weekends. Sessions are Friday evenings, and Sunday mornings for three consecutive weekends. We invite you to come and enjoy the natural beauty that is Winona, Minnesota.

Rochester, LaCrosse, and Eau Claire are all located within 90 minutes!

Studies have shown that being in nature has mental health benefits. Winona is a healing place! The pictures we have used on this site are personal photos taken around the area. Beautiful, peaceful, filled with creative opportunities to help “grow your mind”.

How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing?

Nature’s Role in Mental Illness: Prevention or Treatment?

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